Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Fort Day

Wow, it was fun for the children who participated in our very first Fort Day at Silver Spring Library.  On Saturday evening (Yes, we're open during the summer on Friday and Saturday evenings) children and their grownups came to build reading forts out of old bedspreads and sheets.

The object was to have fun and spend that wonderful, magical childhood time reading secluded inside your very own fort.  Children were allowed to build their forts almost anywhere out on the children's 5th floor.  We hope the idea of "alone time" reading like this is one that translates to home.
Remember, too, that sign up for our summer reading program,  Build a Better World begins June 10.

Almost wish we were children again to be able to read inside our own special fort.  What the heck, maybe we will do it anyway!

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