Friday, July 22, 2016

Let's Talk RFID

Silver Spring is the one branch in the MCPL system that uses RFID or radio frequency identity tags in its books and other library materials.  The tags use radio waves to automatically identify an individual item for our check out and return systems.  This helps us speed your checkouts and keep our records accurate,

RFID return machine
Sara de Nieto  monitors returns on our RFID machine
When you use our self-check machines to check out your books, the sensing pad receives the unique radio signal of each item and checks it out to your account.  Similarly, when you return your items, our futuristic RFID machine scans each item to automatically check it in.  The RFID return machine identifies each item with a tag and also sorts returned items into categories: best sellers, children's picture books, non-fiction, etc. This makes getting materials back on the shelves easier and faster.  Items returned from other branches and triggered holds are separated and sorted manually.

How to Check Out at Our Self-Check Stations

self-charge machine
Self-charge machine
Self-check stations are located on all three floors at Silver Spring.  First, scan your library card with the barcode reader.  Your name will appear on the screen.  Unlike at other library branches, you do not need the barcode scanner to check out the books and materials.  Instead, place your items, one at a time, on the RFID "pad," a black rectangle on the table in front of the screen, and wait until your item registers as checked out.  When you are done, click "Finished" on the screen, and indicate whether or not you would like a receipt.  That's it.  You're done and ready to leave the library.  If you have any account questions or issues or need to renew books, please ask our staff at the customer service desk on the 3rd floor.  Happy reading!