Monday, January 4, 2016

Playing Games

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Tired of playing all the old classic board games? While Scrabble or Monopoly or Scattergories are great fun, why not try the NonTraditional Board Games meetup at Silver Spring Library? This is a gathering for adults who enjoy a challenge, social interaction, and plain old fun. The organizer, known as "Adam Dork," sets up a different theme or free-for-all twice a month.

On one recent Saturday afternoon it was all about "Traitor-Mechanic" games. Players try to accomplish something in these various games, only to be undermined by a player with a hidden identity or agenda. So far, the group has tried various game genres: competitive, nothing but dice, no dice, space, world domination and more.

Boxes of board games on a table
Check out the next meetup Saturday, January 16 at 2:00 PM and meet some other board game enthusiasts. See the Silver Spring Library calendar of events for more information and future meetups.

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