Sunday, June 21, 2015

Opening Day

ribbon cutting at silver spring library
Ribbon cutting at Silver Spring Library
What a day June 20th turned out to be. There was an overwhelming and astounding response Saturday to the opening of Silver Spring’s new library. As some of us watched from the 5th floor through the expansive windows to the street where opening ceremonies were concluding, we could see people stream in through the open doors and head up the two-story escalator to the library’s main floor. In a few moments, people were walking up the library’s wide interior stairway to the 4th floor and 5th floors, as well. There must have been 500 people there when we opened at noon. When we closed at 6:00 p.m. over six thousand people had come through the doors.

Over and over, people expressed amazement and gratitude at the library’s offerings and space. There was a general good feeling that the project was completed and pride that the new library had been accomplished and was open for them, for the community. Person after person lined up to get new library cards, to check out our new tech bar, to check out books and to use internet computers.  Teenagers discovered their own space on the 3rd floor.

The Early Literacy Center
On the 5th floor, which is dedicated to children, families played in the Early Literacy Center, pored through picture books, played educational games on early learning and elementary-age computers, signed up for the summer reading program and checked out every Go! Kit (science-themed filled backpacks). Parents, grandparents, and children settled in for reading in the comfy seats along the  windows.

For the staff, for the most part, it was a hectic, exhausting, cathartic, and ultimately joyful day. After all, providing library services, information, books, technology and more is what we do.  It was so good to see the hard work to prepare the library be so well received. We thank everyone who came and invite them to return—often.  Come visit us at 900 Wayne Avenue.


  1. Good evening.. I am the mother to a one year old. I was told that the library has reading can I sign up my toddler and I.she is one and her verbal skills are not well developed.

  2. The Library does have storytimes for babies and toddlers:

    We also have information on County Resources for families: