Monday, March 9, 2015

What's Going To Happen to My Holds?

The current Silver Spring Library is closing March 15, and we’re taking some time to pack up and get our beautiful new building ready for service. Our book drop closes on April 5. In the interim, customers are asking us: “What’s going to happen to my holds?” and “What about the items we need to return?” We have you covered. MCPL and the Silver Spring staff want to make the transition as smooth as possible for customers.

Whether you’ve made a special request or you’re moving up on that waiting list, we will make sure you get your holds. Nearby branches such as Long Branch, Wheaton, and White Oak, of course, will remain open. Holds can be sent to one of them or to any MCPL branch you choose.

One easy way to make that happen is to go online to Your Account on the Library Homepage. Just enter your card number and pin number (the four numbers of the year of your birth, usually) and change the library location of your holds to a convenient alternative branch. You can ask any Silver Spring staff member for help. Customers can also call Ask-a-Librarian at 240-777-0001 to request hold pick up location changes. Beginning March 2, Silver Spring will not be available as a location when placing new holds.

Marina and OCLC holds will be diverted to other branches beginning March 2. Filled orders will be sent to the Silver Spring Library through March 6. After March 6, when interlibrary loan materials are received at MCPL, our ILL staff will contact customers to determine the branch where customers would like to pick up their items.

Although the branch will be closed, our 24-hour book drop will remain open for returns until April 5. We look forward to seeing old and new customers at our new library.

Christine Conway
Librarian I

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  1. This Construction Phase was supposed to take 22 months from January of 2013. See . We've blown past the 22 months and the place doesn't look close to finished. Is this another Transit Center?