Monday, June 16, 2014

New Silver Spring Library

  New Silver Spring Library:

 At the corner of Wayne and Fenton in downtown Silver Spring the new library jets out over the corner where both streets intersect. It is a majestic-looking building, truly stunning with lots of glass and sharp angles. Passersby’s stop and look upward as the workers erect the beams and install the windows. There is an excitement mounting with each change to the structure.  

If you want to see what the building will look like once it is finished, come to the present location where the model is on display. The model is on the Information desk and staff is available to answer your questions about the new building.

Each month with this blog, I am going to feature a service or piece of equipment that is going to be in the new building. My goal is to provide you a preview of what to expect once we open for business.   

Here are some answers to the questions that are asked of us at the branch:  
  •  The library is on the third, fourth and fifth floor.
  •  You enter the library off the third floor elevator. Stairs and an escalator also provide access to the third floor.  
  •  The children's room is located on the fifth floor. 
  • The fourth floor is where you will find the public computers.
  • Yes, the seating is going to be comfortable and plentiful.
  •  The free WIFI will continue.
  • There are many more study and small group rooms; eight to be exact.
  • The collection will be larger.
  • The staff size will increase.
  •  We will be open 69 hours a week over seven days.

        Join me next month where the topic will be technology.       


  1. When does the new facility plan to open?

    1. Currently, the expectation is that the new Silver Spring Library building will be turned over to the County for occupancy by the end of January, 2015. Once the Library can occupy the building it will take 8-12 weeks to close down the current library building and prepare the new library building for opening in Spring 2015.