Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Construction Update: January 7, 2014- January 28, 2014

During this period Costello Construction Company:

  • Began vapor barrier application at the north elevation and along X-1 line.
  • Rough in west side exterior walls electric and data; boxes and conduit complete through 5th floor. 
  • Installed duct hangers at the 3rd and 4th floor ceilings.
  • Installed plumbing overhead pipe at the 3rd floor. 
  • Completed installing the roof deck and shear studs west and east of X-1 line. 
  • Completed 4th floor steel decking.
  • Poured the ramp at the main entry.
  • Completed cutting-in added vertical control joints at 2nd floor CMU walls. 
  • Core drilled for waste and vent pipe at the 3rd and 4th floors. 
  • Completed cutting the concrete floor west side of the elevator shaft for electrical risers. 
  • Plumbing rough-in at the basement is 85% complete. 
  • Duct installation at the lower level is 95% complete.
  • Completed stone veneer installation at the north elevation. 
  • Started stone veneer installation 1st floor vicinity.
  • Framed metal studs for soffits west side. 
  • Completed exterior stud wall framing and sheathing west side. 
  • Completed erecting hanging steel N.E.  corner sequence 15-19.

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