Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Technology in the New Library

The technology in the new Silver Spring Library is going to be one of the outstanding features of the building. As you approach the building, a large digital sign at the Wayne Avenue entrance will identify the building and announce upcoming events.  Of course, WIFI will be in the new building but a commercial grade router will improve response time and stability.  We expect WIFI users will notice the difference immediately.

On the third floor, the main library entrance, you will find the Digital Media Lab equipped with MACs and PCs with the latest software, set up to allow you to create and expand your learning experiences. While I am not able to name specific software or hardware choices; I know that those customers interested in digital photography will be pleased to find Photoshop and Adobe LightRoom for creating beautiful projects. 

We also plan to have a Tech Bar where we will demonstrate the various devices the library carries and to feature any new technologies in the marketplace. For example, if a customer needs help using the library’s free e-books, they can visit the Tech Bar, which will be equipped with comfortable seats, see a device demonstration, and ask questions in a supported environment.

The internal square footage of the library space is 60,000 square feet, three times our current size. Staff will use a product called Vocera to maintain communication across all three floors. As staff walk around and interact with customers, the Vocera voice recognition device will allow them to alert colleagues on other floors when assistance is needed. 

The  catalog computers customers use to locate materials will be touch screens. Customers looking for DVD movies will use the DVD media boxes on the third floor where there will be several boxes for dispensing these popular materials.

I am always available to answer questions that come up about the new library.

Fran Ware


Monday, June 16, 2014

New Silver Spring Library

  New Silver Spring Library:

 At the corner of Wayne and Fenton in downtown Silver Spring the new library jets out over the corner where both streets intersect. It is a majestic-looking building, truly stunning with lots of glass and sharp angles. Passersby’s stop and look upward as the workers erect the beams and install the windows. There is an excitement mounting with each change to the structure.  

If you want to see what the building will look like once it is finished, come to the present location where the model is on display. The model is on the Information desk and staff is available to answer your questions about the new building.

Each month with this blog, I am going to feature a service or piece of equipment that is going to be in the new building. My goal is to provide you a preview of what to expect once we open for business.   

Here are some answers to the questions that are asked of us at the branch:  
  •  The library is on the third, fourth and fifth floor.
  •  You enter the library off the third floor elevator. Stairs and an escalator also provide access to the third floor.  
  •  The children's room is located on the fifth floor. 
  • The fourth floor is where you will find the public computers.
  • Yes, the seating is going to be comfortable and plentiful.
  •  The free WIFI will continue.
  • There are many more study and small group rooms; eight to be exact.
  • The collection will be larger.
  • The staff size will increase.
  •  We will be open 69 hours a week over seven days.

        Join me next month where the topic will be technology.       

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Construction Update: November 12, 2013- November 26, 2013

During this period Costello Construction Company:

  • Electricians installed temporary power and lighting to upper floors.
  • Electricians installed conduit racks and back boxes at the electric room.
  • Completed decking and shear studs at floors 4 and 5 west of X-1 line.
  • Delivered and began installing the roof deck west of X-1 line.
  • Placed and finished concrete composite slab 4th and 5th floor west of X-1 line.
  • Delivered and installed cantilever truss at line 2.
  • Core drilled and installed waste and vent pipe at the 1st and 2nd floor. 
  • Began below grade duct at the pavilion.
  • Installed steel stud exterior framing , west side at the 2nd and 3rd floor.
  • Installed spray fire proofing at the 3rd floor west of X-1 line. 
  • Completed CMU walls at the 4th floor; north elevation.
  • Electrical rough-in and install panel board boxes at the Electrical Room. 
  • Mobilized the fire protection contractor and began riser rough-in at the basement . 
  • Delivered and erected Masons scaffold system at the north and south elevation.
  • Installed stair #2  from the 1st floor to the 5th floor.
  • Delivered steel sequence 16 and 17 and began installation. 

Prepared by F. Ware 

Construction Update: January 28, 2014- February 18, 2014

During this period Costello Construction Company:

  • Completed vapor barrier application at the north elevation and along X-1 line. 
  • Began installing window washing fixtures at the roof.
  • Installed beams added for window washing equipment 
  • Began vapor barrier application at the south elevation 1st floor and along west side of pavilion.
  • Completed radiant heat piping installation at the 5th floor.
  • Completed Pavilion roof steel decking.
  • Began roof drain installation 
  • Completed cutting the concrete floor level 5 along the approved construction joint and added reinforced steel.  
  • Installed electrical floor box sleeves at floors 3,4 and 5. 
  • Completed sprinkler pipe rough-in at the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • Installed duct riser and smoke exhaust fan sleeve at the roof.
  • Completed stone veneer installation 1st and 2nd floor vicinity. 
  • Electrical rough-in and install panel board boxes at the Electrical room.

Prepared by F. Ware 

Construction Update: January 7, 2014- January 28, 2014

During this period Costello Construction Company:

  • Began vapor barrier application at the north elevation and along X-1 line.
  • Rough in west side exterior walls electric and data; boxes and conduit complete through 5th floor. 
  • Installed duct hangers at the 3rd and 4th floor ceilings.
  • Installed plumbing overhead pipe at the 3rd floor. 
  • Completed installing the roof deck and shear studs west and east of X-1 line. 
  • Completed 4th floor steel decking.
  • Poured the ramp at the main entry.
  • Completed cutting-in added vertical control joints at 2nd floor CMU walls. 
  • Core drilled for waste and vent pipe at the 3rd and 4th floors. 
  • Completed cutting the concrete floor west side of the elevator shaft for electrical risers. 
  • Plumbing rough-in at the basement is 85% complete. 
  • Duct installation at the lower level is 95% complete.
  • Completed stone veneer installation at the north elevation. 
  • Started stone veneer installation 1st floor vicinity.
  • Framed metal studs for soffits west side. 
  • Completed exterior stud wall framing and sheathing west side. 
  • Completed erecting hanging steel N.E.  corner sequence 15-19.