Monday, November 25, 2013

Construction Update: September 17, 2013- October 1, 2013

During this period Costello Construction Company:

  • Stripped remaining forms at core walls
  • Installed waterproofing , drain tiles and controlled fill at the east side X-1 line and the south side of stair #1
  • Continued waterproofing and compacted fill against foundation walls at the west side
  • Poured grade beam footing at x-1 line vicinity of column line #3
  • Formed and poured the foundation wall; same area
  • Prep and pour the remaining basement slab on grade
  • Formed and poured 2 concrete encased columns
  • Formed and poured the dumpster enclosure walls to the 2nd floor
  • Installed metal door frames and masonry walls at the lower level
  • Installed masonry walls at the upper level north east corner
  • Completed second floor decking , poured stops and shear studs
  • Began steel erection at the pavilion 
  • Erected steel to the 3rd floor and began decking
  • started steel erection to the 4th floor. 

Prepared by F. Ware 

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