Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Construction Update : July 10 to July 23, 2013

During this period Costello Construction Company:

  • Continued plumbing rough-in at the Pavilion and lower level; 
  • Began back fill and compaction at the Pavilion;
  • Installed steel columns and beams through the 2nd floor to line 3; 
  • Finalized action plan for concrete wall honeycomb repairs; 
  • Completed foundation wall concrete at the basement with the exception of the access opening;
  • Completed 1st floor to 2nd floor foundation walls vicinity elevator 1 lobby;
  • Completed concrete core walls at elevator 1, stair 1 from 1st to 2nd floor; 
  •  Installed 1st floor steel decking including shear studs and Inspection;
  • Began wire mesh , reinforced steel and forms at the 1st floor elevated deck. 

Prepared by F. Ware 

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